Landscaping Architecture

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Hire our experienced landscaping contractors for a custom design

When you have something particular in mind for your landscape, you need a professional architect to help you put your ideas on paper. Northwind Designs is a professional landscape architecture firm based in Greenwich, CT. By working with us, you'll meet directly with a landscape architect to go over site plans and create a unique design for your property in Fairfield County.

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A comprehensive design process

Designing custom landscape architecture is a unique process. Northwind Designs will work with you step by step to make sure we can bring your vision to life.

Your landscape architect will...

  1. Meet with you for an initial consultation.
  2. Ask questions about your ideas, style and budget.
  3. Create a unique design plan for your landscaping.
Your landscape architecture design will include everything from greenery to drainage systems.

Schedule an appointment today by calling 203-339-5975. Our team will help you create a beautiful, complex design for your landscape.

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