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Brennan and company did a great job on my lake wall, beach and cantilevered dock. We can see the craftsmanship and care that went into everything they did when ever we're in the back yard. The clean up and lawn work in the end really left me feeling great about Northwind Design.

Randy Danenberg

Brennan was great to work with from the beginning. We had some idea what we wanted to do and Brennan worked really well with that inspiration to come up with ideas that were so much better than ours. Work happened quickly, cleanly, and professionally. No hesitations recommending him to anyone.

Evija Mehra

Brennan and his team at Northwind Designs did an excellent job at landscaping our residential property as well as our Beachside cafe, Elvira Mae's in Westport, CT.

On the residential property, we reached out to get artificial turf installed in our backyard area around the pool. Brennan came up with very creative ideas to do more to enhance the aesthetics of the property... and make it look like a complete overhaul of a high trafficked area if our property. I'm very confident that the work they did will increase the value of the property significantly. They got it done in time for summer where we and our guests thoroughly enjoyed how things looked and flowed back there. Our 4 dogs also are in heaven as a result of the way he found to increase their play space in a.very creative manner.

On the commercial cafe, he pulled off a miracle to get it renovated and remodeled in time to capture the summer season for what is a very seasonal business. They literally transformed the place in two and half months to help bring it up to building and Health department code. from plumbing to electrical to flooring, build out and trim. The compliments we are getting on he look and design are off the chart by those that saw and see the before and after.

I highly recommend Brennan and Northwind Designs if you're looking for a high quality, timely, and thorough job on either residential or commercial property.

Hal Kravitz

Brennan and team are phenomenal! Courteous, and creative workers get the job done. Beautiful patio and fire pit were installed with landscape design. I highly recommend this company

Lisa T.V.

We have used Northwind Designs many times. Our latest project was very involved, involving building stone walls, improving drainage, and rebuilding the lawn and flower beds. Not only are Brennan and his team talented professionals, they also have a creative vision for improving our property. During the project, the worksite is always kept neat and organized, and the job is completed in a timely manner. I would wholeheartedly recommend Northwind for all types of jobs, from mulching and cleanups to stonework and drainage.

Henry Soch

I had artificial turf installed in the fenced in area where my dog runs around. I highly recommend this to anyone that has to deal with mud. Thanks to Brennan and Northwind Designs I don't have to deal with muddy shoes, muddy paws and a mud brought into the house. Brennan did exceptional work, stays in constant touch throughout the project, and has a friendly and hard working crew.

Janis F.

Had 10 trees removed near the house. Brennan's team did a great job and cleaned the site.

Chris M.

They were thorough and did a great job.

Ronald G.


Improved drainage in my backyard to alleviate a problem with water in the crawl space. Did the work on time for a reasonable price.

Philip W.


Brennan and his Northwind Designs team rebuilt our front steps and porch, side and back steps, all with blue stone. In addition, they improved the drainage/downspout flow while building two walkways also constructed with blue stone. Finally, they built up part of our yard with topsoil to improve the walkway grade. Work turned out great and we have already received many compliments. Highly recommend Brennan and his team of pros.

Steven T.